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FBA Orders

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a popular service that allows online sellers to store their products in Amazon’s vast warehouses and have them shipped and handled by Amazon through the entire order fulfillment process. As a wholesale product supplier, we offer FBA fulfillment services to Amazon sellers to help simplify their order fulfillment process, reducing administrative overheads and scaling their business.

To start with, Amazon sellers create product listings and specify the FBA inventory for their products. Then, they prepare their products according to Amazon’s packing guidelines and routing requirements, so they are ready to be shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where they will be stored and handled until an order is placed.

Wholesale suppliers like us offer FBA prep and label services to Amazon sellers, which include being responsible for labeling each product, preparing it for shipment and ensuring FBA-prep program requirements are met. Sellers can send us their product labels and outer box labels, and we will paste them on each product and box, providing product details such as weight, packing size, and CTN size, ensuring your items are FBA compliant, saving time and money.

When sellers check out on our website, they can leave necessary details in the comment section, such as their FBA warehouse address. They can also create an account, which will streamline the ordering process and provide comprehensive customer support. We accept payments through PayPal or bank transfer and credit cards through the PayPal checkout page.

Sellers should be aware that items restricted to sell on Amazon or send to FBA cannot be accepted by us. The buyer needs to ensure that the items they sell are eligible to be sold on Amazon, and items to be shipped via FBA are not restricted. Our sales are final, and we are not responsible for any brand issues that may arise.

As a wholesale product supplier offering FBA fulfillment services, we provide Amazon sellers with cost-effective ways to streamline their order fulfillment process while taking advantage of Amazon’s vast infrastructure for storage and shipping. Our services include FBA prep and label service which ensures compliance with Amazon regulations, and our support includes providing comprehensive product details and customer service. By partnering with a wholesale supplier like us, Amazon sellers can focus on growing their business, confident that the logistics of shipping and handling their products is being well taken care of.

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We ship internationally by DHL, UPS, FedEx
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We accept customized
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Amazon FBA

for amazon resellers' orders, We can ship your goods straight to Amazon fulfillment centers.